The Open Plaques blog is back



We had a bit of an, er, issue with our blog, which means it’s been offline for some time. We’ve been trying to resurrect it, but that’s proven to be more difficult than we hoped.

So instead, we’re starting again. A new blog, a new theme, a new style. We might post more often. We might post shorter updates. Who knows.

We still hope to import the archive of old posts at some point in the future.

But for now, onwards.


The Open Plaques Team
(Jez, Frankie, Simon, Deirdre and Marvin)

2 thoughts on “The Open Plaques blog is back

  1. jim

    I tried to figure out how to upload a picture of a plaque to the website but the page that says I can upload one doesn’t seem to provide a way.

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